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  Main Line Deck Power Washing and Pressure Washing Services


Main Line Deck PowerwashingOne of the most common calls we get here at J&J Power Washing are regarding power washing Main Line decks and porches. Sure, you can go down to the local hardware store and rent a power washer for about $50 a day but why not spend the little extra and take the day off and ensure yourself that you do not ruin your deck.


Most people do not know how to use a power washer properly. Our trained professionals know what what power washer settings, water temperature, and cleaning products to use on virtually any part of your home or commercial property. Some power washers, especially commercial washers are powerful enough to etch brick while being gentle enough to wash vinyl siding.


Some pressure washers run on electricity while some run on gas. They are available in a variety of sizes and can provide anywhere from a few hundred pounds of pressure per inch up into the thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. If you do decide to take on the work yourself please make sure to read the manual as to not ruin the wood. In most cases you want to use as low a pressure as possible while still being effective.


Main Line Deck Power Washing Tips

On soft wood like cedar and pine you want to use roughly 500 psi. On harder woods you may have to go as high as 1200 psi. In most cases you want to use either a fan tip or a rotating tip and remain roughly 24 inches away from the wood deck. When power washing try and feather the wood from a about a twelve to eighteen inch range. Even when you are on lower pressure you should not get closer than a foot away from the wood deck.


Main Line Deck Power Washing Technique

As previously mentioned you should use a fan tip between forty and sixty degrees. Set your pressure low and increase incrementally as is needed to clean the tech, while not damaging the wood. When beginning start from a few feet away and work your fan tip to about a foot away from the surface of the deck. Try and keep the distance consistent. Work from the house outward. Most importantly, work with the grain by feathering and spraying lengthwise with the deck boards.


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